Consumer Products

Consumer product industry provides granularity in the value chain process and the modern urban lifestyle and emergence of consumer trends is shaping this sector in India.

The consumer product companies face a range of challenges that they must successfully navigate number of key questions in order to thrive in the current quickly changing global economy.

It seams that issues like how to address the product cost pressures and risks, rapidly changing consumers tastes and behavior, emergence of rivals, demographic shifts, supply chain management, brand marketing, private label growth and deteriorating profitability.

India offers a large and growing market of 1,2 billion people of which 300 million are middle class consumers and offers a vibrant market of youth and vigor with 54% of population below the age of 25 years.

India’s consumer market will grow at 14% average in coming years and is touted as the mega retail destination worldwide and given this brisk growth India’s consumer market will create myriad opportunities.

Traditionally retail trade in India, which is fragmented into millions of small shops and grocery stores across the country, has been largely in the form of proprietary dealership.

Enumerating the features of the new products the fast moving consumer goods and consumer durable segments are thriving this industry.

There are differing estimates of the level of employment in the retail trade sector ranging from 34 to 40 million employees and the market size is estimated to be around US $ 400 billion in 2011 and would double to US $ 800 billion by 2020.

The overall consumer spending stood at $ 977 billion in the year 2010 and in the study 'The Tiger Roars‘ is estimated that the Indian consumer market is likely to grow nearly four times in a decade to $3,6 trillion by 2020 driven by rising incomes, aspirations and better physical reach across the country.

India should open up FDI in multi-brand retail sector to enhance foreign investment and employment. This measure will bring down inflation and reduce fiscal deficit at the centre as well as states.

The influx of multi-national consumer product companies to Indian market has been immeasurable and are not only investing but are also eyeing for innovation centers in India.

Consumer goods companies must check the viability of low cost production base in emerging economies like India.

We combine our innovative knowledge with expertise to complex issues and consumer orientation to achieve measurable results.