Nuclear Energy

The nuclear power companies need to win in the downturn and create advantages to emerge stronger and to win in the next upturn.

The IAEA reported there were 439 nuclear power reactors in operation in the world operating in 31 countries.

Nuclear power is the fourth largest source of electricity in India after thermal, hydroelectric and renewable sources of electricity. India has 20 nuclear reactors as of 2010 in operation in six nuclear power plants generating 4,780 MW while seven other reactors are under construction and are expected to generate an additional 5,300 MW.

Government of India is hungry for energy and nuclear power is on high priority as population will grow and at the same time demand of power will increase five fold from estimated 675 terawatt hours in 2004 to 3500 terawatt hours within next 20 years and will become third largest power consumer in the world and would have to find new resources much faster than other countries.

India needed to spend US$ 120-150 billion on power infrastructure over the next five years including transmission and distribution (T&D). It is estimated that T&D losses at national average of 27% at about $6 billion per year well above the target 15% set in 2001 when the average figure was 34%.

India's nuclear energy self sufficiency extended from uranium exploration and mining through fuel fabrication, heavy water production, reactor design and construction to reprocessing and waste management. It has a small fast breeder reactor and is building a much larger one and is also developing technology to utilise its abundant resources of thorium as a nuclear fuel.

The current demand crisis, combined with a high level of volatility will significantly change the global landscape of the nuclear industry.

This sector must research agenda focusing on how markets can contribute to helping solve nuclear power and related matters.

It is inevitable to convene policy makers, investors and experts on issues related to this power services to develop and disseminate policy information papers for further culmination in this industry.