IT companies face common challenges in this turbulent environment as they provide services at high speed and need to innovate continually.

IT industry must address to core competency and encounters number of crucial stategic and operational questions like how can we be part of value chain, should we focus to customers applications, how can we become innovation leaders and achieve a truly global presence.

Leadership will identify the IT, Media and Telecommunications sectors, analyze the key issues, business dynamics, offshore centric models, scale up knowledge centers and shaping tomorrow’s marketplace.

India's top 200 information technology companies reported combined revenues of US $ 84 billion in FY 2011, having grown at 25% the highest rate of growth in the last four years and this industry sector is employing more that 2 million people and contributing 4% to India‘s GDP.

This sector has set a criterion for talent resources in India and has created career opportunities for youth and 70% of the workforce is between the age group of 26 and 35 years and 30% employees are women and the industry has been champion for corporate social responsibility.

India IT sector has a strong focus on software development which has been catapulted into distinction because of inherent advantages in partially low cost skilled manpower, outsourced solutions, technical education and substantial government assistance.

In a bid to connect Indian villages and classrooms across the country with knowledge centres, the Govt. of India has taken up a task of providing broadband connectivity to all the villages by 2012 and sufficient funds have been allocated for the impementation of this technology.

The number of internet users in India crossed the 100 million mark in September 2011, growing 13% over last year's figure of 87 million.

The Govt. of India is leaving no stone unturned to accelerate growth of IT & ITeS sector in the country and revealed its intentions to attract higher investments for IT sector in smaller cities and make software services sector grow more than three times to US$ 300 billion by 2020.

It is very promising that the IT industry has created a business model of global 24x7 service delivery to clients of Fortune 500 companies.