Indo-German Trade

Indo-German trade has increased multi-fold since reforms began in 1991 and the German exports to India have seen growth of about 16% yearly and have quadrupled in the period between 2000 and 2010 and have reported 9,2 billion Euro.

The German exports to India have been only 1% of the total exports and if the momentum is maintained then the trade volume can reach unprecedented heights.

The imports into Germany from India have been about 6,2 billion Euro in the year 2010.

Germany ranks 8th in the list of top ten investing countries since 1991 in India and has contributed immense technological support to upgrade the manufacturing sector.

The capital investment of German companies has been 5,6 billion Euro and has doubled in the past three years.

A confluence of a number of factors entail more than 1000 German companies who have either joint ventures or investment in the Indian companies.

These German companies also have their own subsidiary companies in India with about 180.000 employees and a yearly turnover of overwhelming 15 billion Euro.

Indian corporate sector have 23600 employees with 190 subsidiaries and has been ostentatious investor from emerging markets in Germany in the year 2010.

The outbound FDI from India to Germany is estimated at about 4,125 billion Euro in the year 2010.

The Bilateral trade between India and Germany achieved significant milestone of 15,4 billion Euro and the target is 20 billion Euro in the coming years.