The tectonic shifts in the environment industry assert significant threat to companies in the past decade and to capitalize on opportunities the corporate sector must have robust solutions.

Climate change issues are now key components of complex environmental agenda and they arouse much interest and passion with the stakeholders and influence corporate reputation and culture.

The impact of environmental hazards and business opportunities relating to the mitigation of such risk on individual companies and sectors will be measured in policy framework and implementation.

Growth of population in the urban areas has made it imperative that avenues of clean technology be explored in water waste and solid waste management to increase national green footprint.

Environmental sustainability is rapidly emerging as the next major development and policy challenge for the country.

India could be emerging as a net exporter of pollution intensive commodities and these trends indicate the need for greater investment in environmental management.

India has made a substantial effort in attempting to address environmental challenges and has enacted stringent environmental legislation and has created institutions to monitor and enforce legislation.

The Waste to Energy Incineration plants provide a solution and fits in the current environmental scenario for the Indian market.

These Projects can be Financed by Govt.of India, Public Private Partnership or other Financial institutions.

The power from waste can be targeted to about 500.000 households or more in any Mega City in India to maintain clean environmental conditions.

To show case our competency to turnkey contractors for installation of this facility and technology has shown holistic interest within the industry and Governmental departments.